About us


Floraa offers natural beauty products while minimizing plastic waste. From creation to consumption of the product, Floraa relies on sustainable development, the well-being of its customers and 'eco-responsibility.


Floraa participates in the ecological movement and intends to motivate its customers to become agents of change and to use healthy products. Floraa is positioned as a leader in order to change consumption habits and have a impact on the planet.

Our Team

Gabriel Nguyen - Marketing VP

I am vice-president of marketing at Floraa. You will learn that I am a pretty straightforward man, but who loves to have fun when the time is right. Since the age of 11, I have acquired qualities of respect and discipline in the job market where I have been able to work for companies. I also had the opportunity to develop good management and communication habits by running my own business. I have gained leadership through sport and I am a very collaborative and optimistic person. Ultimately, I am ambitious and visionary, but at the same time realistic and rational.

Jamie Scott - President

As president of the Floraa company, I want to guide our team towards success as well as bring motivation throughout our adventure. My passion for leadership really allows me to see the qualities of people and know how to value their highest potential! I am ready to do anything to achieve the success and prosperity of our business.

Aïshah Glémaud - Production VP

I am the vice president of the production team. I am a fairly honest, open-minded, curious and genuine person. I myself have already practiced several sports, which is where my passion for sports and training came from. To tell the truth, for my future I have the ambition to do a lot of things. So, at the moment I am undecided on my future plans! On the other hand, as someone told me: "He does not have a perfect course". So, I am a person who can be interested in everything without necessarily staying on a single subject. That's the reason I'm here!

Nickens Dario Raymond - Human Ressources VP

As Vice President of Human Resources, I can contribute by bringing my strengths and qualities to the team. First of all, I am a hardworking and persevering person, I like to take up challenges and thus learn from my mistakes. I'm positive too, so I like to see the bright side. Later, I aspire to work or study in business management and one day start my own business. I find that the Focus Affaires program is a first step that will lead me to this point.

Samuel Ouellette - Sales VP

My name is Sam, I'm the VP of Sales here at Floraa. I am a grade 11 student at Franco-Cité. I love sports like hockey, basketball and boxing. Later, I would like to have a job in the sales industry.

Daniel Labib - Finance VP

I am vice president of finance. I always like to look for the positive side of things. I am also ambitious and visionary, but at the same time realistic and rational. On the other hand, my favorite subjects of study are excessively mathematics and physics. Later, I would like to get a degree, either in electrical, mechanical or computer engineering. Finally, my favorite hobby is chess, I play it seriously.

Jérémy Soucy - Marketing Team

I am a member of the marketing team and an IT technician specialist. I love to listen to and play music. Going for walks, doing research, playing video games, and talking with friends are activities that I participate in often. Later, I would like to go into business, finance or marketing.

Thomas Koloko - Marketing Team

I'm a member of the finance team. I am an optimistic person who always likes to see the bright side of things. I am very courageous and persevering, his qualities allow me to meet increasingly important challenges. I am open-minded and love to hear the opinions of others.

Julie Desjardins - Marketing Team

Hi, I'm Julie Desjardins and I'm in the Marketing department. I am a very committed person, I collaborate well with others and I am a very organized person. Hope you enjoy Floraa as much as we do :)

Mathieu Koloko - Finance Team

I am an assistant in the Marketing group. I am a person who loves to work and I will bring all my energy to the team. In addition, I have leadership qualities that will help me make good decisions and, at the same time, help my teammates.

André Gélinas-Marion - Sales Team

Hello, my name is André. I'm one of three salespeople here at Floraa. I'm also one of two voices you will hear if you ever need to call our helpline. I like to think of myself as a very honest person who will tell you directly. In the near future, I plan to study Business Administration at the University of Ottawa.

Daniel Chartrand - Sales Team

My name is Daniel Chartrand and I am in the sales team at Floraa . I love going to the gym and listening to music. I am always motivated to create things. I am super curious and I love to discover new things. I want to become a police officer or open a business later.

Carmel Lundy - Production Team

Hello! My name is Carmel. I am in the production team. I think one of my qualities is that I am likeable. I want to study in the trade program specializing in marketing at the University of British Columbia. Later, I would like to be a marketing or real estate agent.